Bees are an integral part of food security. Several years into bee keeping I’ve figured out you must bee crazy to keep them.  They are insanely hard to winter as it stands, but add on the abnormal weather patterns and drastic temperature changes and it becomes next to impossible not to lose the majority of if not all your hives year over year.  That being said keeping bees is an exciting adventure.  Fresh honey, pollination and wax for value added products are just some of the reasons I continue to get stung be these little ladies.

If you would like to learn more about the crucial role bees play in food security take a look here Pollinators Vital to Our Food Supply Under Threat




In 2013 my son Bailey, 10yrs. at the time, and I decided we had talked enough about bees it was time to act.  We started by taking a bee keeping class offered by The Marion County Bee Keeping Association.  The MCBA was so encouraging and welcoming that there was no turning back on the adventure.  No matter what has befell us with bee keeping MCBA has been extremely helpful in the entire process.  We started the journey with 4 nucs that we placed in two separate be yards on the farm. We purchased 1 Italian nuc from Tom and Aretha Kees of MCBA and 3 Carniolan Buckfast cross nucs from Dan O’Hanlon of The West Virginia Queen Producers Cooperative.  Two of the Carniolan Buckfast nucs had queens that I had grafted at a queen rearing program offered by Tri-State Bee Keepers Association and held at Oglebay Good Zoo.  In the excitement of bee keeping my sister-in-law has began keeping bees with us, sharing in the pleasure and the sting!  The journey has begun.


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