Adapted from Wikipedia's WV county maps by Set...

Adapted from Wikipedia’s WV county maps by Seth Ilys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wild Berry Ranch is an all natural family farm located in the eastern portion of Preston County, 4.7 miles from the Maryland/West Virginia line, in the Town of Terra Alta, West Virginia.  The Ranch boasts elevations of 2,600 ft. to 2,950 ft.   Nearby attractions include Terra Alta Lake (2.1 miles), Alpine Lake Resort (5.1 miles) both located in Terra Alta and Cathedral State Park (10.5 miles) in Aurora, WV.  The town of Terra  Alta has been around longer than the state and has even had it’s fair share of names including Salt Lick, Portland and Cranberry Summit.  It wasn’t until 1883 that it’s current name of Terra Alta was settled upon.  However, the name Cranberry Summit was an indicator of the many fruit crops including apple, grape, pear, huckleberry, blueberry, blackberry, and cranberry bogs that occurred naturally in the area.  At various points in time these fruits and berries were cultivated locally for commerical use.  Historical maps of Terra Alta show the numerous orchards in the area.  These berries and their prevelance is what encouraged me to venture outside of cattle farming and expand into an orchard and provided the namesake for my operation Wild Berry Ranch.


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  1. Rev C Davis September 13, 2017 at 1:55 pm Reply

    Sounds wonderful! My granddaughter now lives in Terra Alta. It’s beautiful county- but cold and rainy, I believe?

    I hope all goes well with your farming and berry production.
    It has been said (in song) “Almost Heaven, West Virginia.” Your farming looks as though part of the heavens…

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