Winter Processing

It is that time of year again…  There is irony in the fact that the optimal time to butcher grass-fed beef is also tax season.  I have begun following up with those who have contacted me about buying a cow.  If I’ve missed you please feel free to send an email or call.  In the past if a  customers exhausts their beef early in the season and we have beef ready for process we can accommodate, but that isn’t always the case.  There are several reasons as to why butchers recommend winter butchering.  First, for pasture raised grass-fed beef cows are coming off their optimal diet.  Second, the cattle have not began throwing their energy into surviving winters extremes.  Third, beef tastes best once it has aged.  So, those steaks are going to taste better after the’ve had all spring to relax in the cooler.  Frozen steaks cook better from freezer

One recipe I enjoy is  Alton Brown’s thermal shock porterhouse steak



Take a look under the grass-fed beef tab for more information on our beef and how the process works.  Current hoof price for butcher size beef cattle is $1,400 a whole and $750.00 a half plus butchering costs.


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